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Shaka Smart: Using Ball Screens in Your OffenseShaka Smart Ball Screens Basketball DVD

  • Learn how to use ball screens to force two players to guard one and to exploit poor defenders
  • Get four side ball screens you can add to any set play or transition offense to create more scoring opportunities around the rim
  • See three set plays you can use against any defense to create offensive advantages in the half court
  • Discover seven ball screen reads you can use to help your players become masters at utilizing ball screens

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With Shaka Smart, Virginia Commonwealth University Head Coach

2011 Clarence Gaines National Coach of the Year. 2011 Final Four appearance. Four 27-win seasons (2009-2013)

Shaka Smart, known for his Havoc Pressure Defense, switches to the offensive end of the floor to demonstrate how he imposes offensive havoc on his opponents by incorporating ball screens into transition and half court offense. This potent offensive strategy is used throughout basketball and has become one of the best tools to get players open looks at the basket. In this presentation, Coach Smart demonstrates seven types of ball screens and effective situations for using them in your half court offense. He includes defensive strategies that are used against the screens and how to counter each defensive strategy.

These ball screens will:

  • Force your opponents to guard disadvantage situations
  • Create roles for other players on your team
  • Exploit your opponent’s weak defenders

Many teams choose to defend ball screens one way, and if your team has an effective counter for that defense, they can easily score. Whether it’s the common hedge, the switch or the trap, Coach Smart shows how the defense will defend the ball screen and how to beat it.

Coach Smart breaks down some of the most important aspects of using ball screens: spacing, timing and screening angles. He demonstrates a variety of screening angles, and he highlights spots on the floor that are most effective for using ball screens. He then shows seven ball screen reads that players must know in order to make good choices within the offense.

A unique aspect of this video is the “Endings.” These side ball screens create movement to help players get in the proper positions to create the best scoring opportunities using the ball screen. This allows you to counter defensive strategies and exploit weaknesses from the same basic ball screen. Coach Smart ends the presentation with a five minute Q&A session to address most common questions.

Add another dimension to your half court offense by incorporating part of Shaka Smart’s ball screen offense into your system.

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The Havoc Strength & Conditioning ProgramThe Havoc Strength & Conditioning Program

  • Condition your players to create havoc every night out
  • Learn six different dynamic warm-up phases designed to train your players in basketball-specific movements
  • Learn the five basic movements for an effective basketball workout
  • Add intensity and explosiveness to your program using the Litvinov Method

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With Daniel Roose, Virginia Commonwealth University Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

Nationally certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association; United States Weightlifting Association Level 1 Coach; former Marshall University Strength and Conditioning coach Daniel Roose guides you through a workout session that is essential for preparing your players to create havoc from tip to buzzer.

Roose explains that incoming players have to learn the basics of strength training before entering into this advanced workout that has helped VCU become a top defensive program over the past few years.

Coach Roose shows six dynamic warm-up phases to warm-up muscles and increase heart rate. Within the six phases you will get three general warm-up phases that prepare the player’s body for any workout followed by three basketball-specific warm-ups that help players learn to control their body and accelerate/decelerate mimicking game-like movements on the floor.

Learn five basic training movements

Learn five basic training movements: squat, hinge, push, pull, and loaded carry. Roose provides four examples of each movement. These moves are simple to replicate, allowing you to pick and choose which exercises meet your player’s needs as you build your own strength and conditioning workout.

Roose uses non-conventional, off-court exercises to improve conditioning and keep players from feeling beat up over the course of a season. He uses the Litvinov Method to increase heart rate and condition players. Using this concept, players perform a heavy lift from the basic movement section with a fast and explosive exercise. He also includes a metabolic workout and provides details on how he uses it in-season and during the off-season.

VCU has fielded one of the most intense defensive teams in the country in recent years and it’s no surprise that their training has helped them earn their reputation. This workout is very well developed and can easily be implemented with athletes who have a basic knowledge of the lifts used. Your players will love conditioning as they realize their improvement on and off the court. This season, condition your athletes to wreak 94 feet of havoc on their opponents.

50 minutes. 2013.

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Shaka Smart: Havoc Pressure DefenseShaka Smart: Havoc Pressure Defense Video

  • Discover the secrets of Shaka Smart’s pressure defense system!
  • Force your opponents into more turnovers. Make them take quick shots. Make them play under fatigue – leading to more mistakes.
  • Learn the keys to a good trap: how to trap, who to trap and who not to, and where to trap – and what to do when a trap is broken.
  • Features Shaka Smart, whose teams lead the nation in steals and turnover margin in the 2011-12 and 2012-13 seasons.

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Pressure defense is a critical component of Coach Smart’s Havoc style of play. More than just occasionally running a press, wreaking Havoc begins with a mindset, a philosophy and values.

Basketball DVD Breakdown

With Coach Smart’s defensive system, you can trap your opponents anywhere on the court and force them to play at an up-tempo pace. In this instructional basketball video, Coach Smart breaks down the two full-court presses that allowed his team to lead the nation in steals and turnover margin in the 2011-12 and 2012-13 seasons. He also shares the five core values that go hand-in-hand with the Havoc pressure defense and have made his VCU teams successful.

The Pressure Defense on Court

On the court, Smart demonstrates the simple yet vital concept of how to trap. Learn how to close out correctly to the ball handler, force an obvious pass, and be “elastic” in the trap. He also provides off-the-ball directions. Smart stresses proper distance between your man and the ball, shares insights into the value of proper foot and hand fakes, and gets energized by players’ willingness to get back-tips while running the press.

Smart walks players through their responsibilities for the “Double Fist” Man-to-Man Press. These examples are clear and concise and show each step, so any coach can put in this pressure defense.

Smart also teaches his version of the Diamond Press. This 1-2-1-1 attack creates great opportunities to force your opponents into bad spots. Traps come quick and easy; offenses are forced to pass to players they don’t want handling the ball.

Wreak Havoc

This season, wreak havoc on your opponents. Install one of the great pressure-defensive systems in basketball today-the same system that took Shaka Smart to the Final Four. Order now!

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